DGC SouthLynn Clouded Vision
"Cirrus" is a stunning Lynx Marble male, with a beautiful open pattern
and dripping in glitter! He has a great profile, super small rounded ears,
super thick tail, and with an amazing personality! He has been a fantastic
boy and will soon be available to a loving pet home where he can be
spoiled rotten!

Photo by Helmi Flick.
SouthLynn Bengals

Breeder: Priscilla Alfred
Location: Cave Spring, Georgia
Phone: 678-283-6644
Email: southlynnbengals@yahoo.com
This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.
Reference Stud
Colliercreek Ming Yao Of SouthLynn  
Ming Yao
Current Stud
"Ming Yao" is an awesome Brown Rosetted male, this boy is
the cornerstone of my Brown Rosetted program! This
boy's pedigree is loaded with the "Who's Who" of Brown
Rosetted Bengals!!! Ming Yao has a nice profile, small
rounded ears, a strong chin, and a beautiful pattern with
lovely black expression!!! I am very excited with what
Ming Yao is producing, check out my Queens page to see
one of Ming Yao's daughters (Spicy) that I am holding back
as a future breeder!!
SGC Rowan Fudge Dip N Dots of SouthLynn
Upcoming Stud
"Andes" is a beautiful Silver Mink Rosetted male!
Beautiful profile, small rounded ears, super puffy
whisker pads, and a personality JUST like his daddy
RW SGC Southlynn Vanilla Fudge Ripple! We are so
very proud of this boy, he is the combination of the best
from Southlynn Bengals and Rowan Bengals! This boy
is well on his way to follow in his amazing parent's
HUGE footsteps!!
Solargem Don Luciano Of SouthLynn
Guest Stud
"Lucky" is a stunning Lynx Marble male, this amazing boy is
the next step in the progress of my marble program! Lucky
has a nice profile, amazing length of muzzle, stunning big
blue eyes,  rounded ears, and a beautiful pattern! I am very
excited to see what Lucky will produce, he has been brought
in to the program to pair with my Ripple daughters!!