Southlynn Bengals


Take a peek at our available kittens. Here we will post available Top Quality Pet kittens as well as our Show/Breeder Prospects.

Updated on 01/21/2024

“Forrest” (Available) – Show/Breeder Prospect

Forrest is one of three boys that were hand raised here at Southlynn. He is an absolutely stunning Mink Rosetted male! No barring to his pattern with excellent flow as well. He has a beautiful profile, small rounded ears, HUGE puffy whisker pads, and an amazing personality! He has the look a small forest cat with his amazing type. This boy is super outgoing and loves to be in your face. He would do well in the show rings or as a super spoiled baby in your living room.

“Godiva” (Available) – Top Quality Spoiled Pet

Godiva is an absolutely adorable Silver Mink Solid male. He’s is super unique with his “ghost” pattern and not often seen coloration. His aqua eyes stand out against his rich color. He has a beautiful head, puffy whiskerpads and an outgoing personality.

“Maverick” (Available) – Show/Breeder Prospect

Maverick is a super outgoing, fearless boy…..I absolutely love his clear coat. He has the desired whited underbelly like their ALC ancestors. Huge nocturnal eyes and lovely flow of pattern. He could do well in an approved breeding program that would benefit from adding an amazing tail, medium rounded ears, and great backskull. He would also do well as a spoiled pet with a loving family.

“Hollywood” (Available) – Show/Breeder Prospect

Hollywood is a super sweet loving boy, he loves cuddling on the couch and watching movies. He is VERY athletic and flips through the air after his wand toys. He’s a busy boy and loves playing, he would do good with fur siblings to rough house with. He could also be a great asset to an approved breeding program with his PHENOMENAL eyes, lovely whiskerpads and typey look.

“Cuervo” (Available) – Top Quality Spoiled Pet

“Cuervo” is a stunning Seal Mink Rosetted boy, lovely flow just like his brother. Great contrast so I am expecting him to have dark markings and the clear back ground. He is a LOVE bug!

“Mojito” (SOLD) – Top Quality Spoiled Pet

“Mojito” is a beautiful Silver Charcoal Rosetted male, he has fantastic flow to his pattern and flashy rosetting. Joining the Williams Family!

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