Southlynn Bengals


Our queens are the heart of our program, these girls lines have been worked down for generations. Their temperments and personalities are essential to ensuring the success of our program and creating the next generation of Southlynn kittens.

Simplyblessed Dancing At Midnight

“Midnight” is a stunning Silver Charcoal Rosetted female! She has an amazing face, small rounded ears, HUGE puffy whisker pads, and a lovely personality! Midnight is the foundation of our charcoal and melanistic lines. She is a big healthy girl and she passes that on to her babies.

Southlynn Vanilla Fudge Ripples  

“Sprite” is an own daughter of our home grown RW SGC Southlynn Vanilla Fudge Ripple. Sprite is following in her father’s pawprints, carrying on his name and passing on his phenominal personality to her babies. She is a beautiful Mink Marble. She has a very striking look with small rounded ears and her sire’s doming/backskull. She will help continue our marble program and carry on Ripple’s lines.

Southlynn Island Escape

“Brandy” is a beautiful upcoming queen out of our handsome boy Cruz! She has super teeny tiny rounded ears, great flow and an fantastic thick tail! With her wild looks and amazing type, we hope to produce the next generation of cutting edge babies here at Southlynn.

Southlynn Intersteller

“Saturn” is another lovely up and coming girl here at Southlynn, bringing in fantastic type and a breath takingly wild face. We’ve held back Saturn with the plans to cross her to our handsome boy Cruz, locking in that wild look and taking it to the next level.

Southlynn Bengals

Priscilla Alfred

Cave Spring, Georgia


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